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Sustainable where possible 

Thank you for visiting our site! 

There is no long winded story to our existence, no epiphany moment happened, and we were not born out of a desire to banish all the 'bad' things in world and pressure you into living in a log cabin in the woods.

We simply have a non-wasteful attitude to life and a passion for homeware. 


Where possible, we look to find good quality, unique, and sustainable products that will last a lifetime above ground, or a very brief time below ground.

Nowadays there are so many highly stressful and pressuring messages that we see in the news, on TV, and on social media surrounding sustainability and living an eco-friendly lifestyle. There is so much conflicting information that it demotivates us and leads us to think 'what I do won't even make a difference'.

What we provide will hopefully help you make that difference. 

We look to find suppliers who produce sustainable and eco-friendly products that you will typically buy for your home and garden. Where we cannot find someone making a sustainable option, we will look to make it ourselves.

However, we are not here to fool you. Not everything on our website is immediately thought of as being sustainable and eco-friendly. In the current climate, some things just cannot be made out of recycled materials, in sustainable ways, or be recyclable.


Where possible, we will show you an alternative option to that product, and it is down to you to decide the right option for your home.

Hopefully you will see that our sustainable option is just as good, if not better, than the original, and with every purchase you make, you will have made a difference!

Thank you again for visiting!

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