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What is Pangaea?

Pangaea (also sometimes spelled Pangea) was the name given to the supercontinent that incorporated almost all the landmasses on Earth approximately 300 million years ago. The supercontinent began to break apart about 200 million years ago, eventually forming the modern continents and oceans we know of today.

This name stems from the Greek word Pangaia, ‘Pan’ meaning all or whole, and ‘Gaia’, which refers to Mother Earth, combined meaning “all the Earth”.

Fun Fact!

Pangaea was surrounded by a global ocean called Panthalassa.

Why Pangaea Home?

We thought this name was fitting because Pangaea was where the Earth started, and just as the continents have drifted apart, it is clear we have drifted further and further away from living sustainable lives. We have changed the Earth to suit our needs and desires from the moment we arrived, and now we are seeing more regularly the dramatic consequences this has had on climate change.

It is clear that we, as a society, have noticed the problem and we are looking for solutions. We are beginning to demand change so we can reverse some of the damage we have done, and live more sustainably.

Pangaea Home was formed to be one of the solutions for the future. A sustainable focused business that doesn’t shout at you, and tell you what you are doing wrong. But instead, make it simpler and easier for you to purchase in a more sustainable conscious way, so that you can make small changes towards living more sustainably.

We simply have a non-wasteful attitude to life and a passion for Homeware. our aim is to provide you with sustainable alternatives to your typical homeware products, so you can purchase guilt and pressure free!

Want to learn more about us? Click Here! Or just want to see our range of sustainable products? Click here Instead.

Read our blog What is Sustainability? to learn more about sustainability!

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