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Clean in style with our cleaning range from Point-Virgule! The wiper is made from bamboo and recycled plastic. Why bamboo? Choosing bamboo is choosing nature! Bamboo is after all an inexhaustible natural resource that does not require cutting down trees. Moreover, it is harder and less porous than most hardwoods and absorbs very little moisture. Bamboo is not as susceptible to scratches unlike other types of wood, making them more resistant to bacteria. 

Bamboo And Recycled Plastic Squeegee

SKU: PV-CLE-8250
£7.00 Regular Price
£6.65Sale Price
  • Our Point-Virgule cleaning range, where possible, is made from a mixture of recycled plastic, bamboo, and bamboo fibre.


    Within the cleaning range, you have the options of replacable heads/parts so that you only need to buy 1 of our products and simply replace the part that does the cleaning, when required.

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