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Never thought you could clean your house with bamboo?


With our gloves in bamboo fibre by Point-Virgule you can add nature in your home. The cloths are 93% made out of bamboo fibre and 7% out of polyester. Bamboo fibre has no pesticides and is safe for users with allergies. Because of the compact fibre structure the cloths will last much longer than other products and they also have a strong ability to remove oil. From shower to car rims, these cloths are suitable for all surfaces.


Due to the fibre structure, these cloths absorb up to three times more moisture than regular cotton cloths. That is why you don't have to add detergent which makes the cloths even more friendly for the environment. After use you can just clean the cloths with water or put them in the washing machine. Eco-friendly and practical!

Bamboo Fibre Glove Green

SKU: PV-CLE-8310
£3.50 Regular Price
£3.15Sale Price
  • Our Point-Virgule cleaning range, where possible, is made from a mixture of recycled plastic, bamboo, and bamboo fibre.


    Within the cleaning range, you have the options of replacable heads/parts so that you only need to buy 1 of our products and simply replace the part that does the cleaning, when required.

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