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Create a cosy atmosphere with the Barbecook fire baskets and fire bowls. These trendy geometrically-shaped eye-catchers create a crackling play of flames on your patio. After all, what is better than having some great conversations around the fire after enjoying a delicious barbecue?

Barbecook Modern 75 Fire Pit

SKU: BC-WOO-6003
£199.00 Regular Price
£189.05Sale Price
  • Let's not beat around the bush, Fire Pits are not the first thing you associate with being sustainable and eco-friendly. Mainly because they are typically made out of metal and they burn fossil fuels.

    Unfortunately, due to the heat resistance and durability required for these products, it would be very challenging, and very costly, to make them out of sustainable materials. However, there are ways to make these products better for the environment through the various eco-fuels that are now widely available.

    And one last thing to remember, when your Fire Pit gets to the end of its life, it can be widely recycled!

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