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Enjoy your fresh tea with this teapot with infuser from Point-Virgule. Add tea leaves or herbs to taste in the stainless steel infuser and place in the pot. The tea leaves have enough space to 'swim' and release the desired flavor. Because of the fine perforation in the infuser you will not find any unwanted grit in your tea. The ideal teapot for the ultimate tea experience!

Teapot With Infuser Matt Black

SKU: PV-TAB-9201
£20.00 Regular Price
£17.00Sale Price
  • With all ceramics their sustainability can be debated from the trade off between the high levels of energy, and natural recourses required to manufacture vs. the longevity and re-usability of the product.


    Arguably, the short-term impact of making pottery may well be much less than the long-term impact of using plastic alternatives.

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