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Easily follow your recipe while cooking thanks to this cookbook stand from Point-Virgule. This metal stand is sturdy and will also carry heavy cookbooks with ease. The sleek design is timeless and fits into any kitchen. Or use it to present a beautiful photo book in your living room.

Wire Cookery Book Stand Black

SKU: PV-CHR-3182
£26.50 Regular Price
£23.85Sale Price
  • Made of Steel and can be widely recycled.


    Steel is not a renewable resource, as it cannot naturally be replaced. Once the fossil fuels and minerals used to produce it are depleted, you cannot make more (virgin steel).


    However, once steel is produced, its lifecycle is potentially endless. As long as it is recovered after each products life cycle, it is a permanent resource in society. Steel is 100% recyclable and is easily recovered by magnetic separation. It can be recycled an infinite amount of times and be used with no downgrading in quality.


    As long as it is recycled, the non-renewable resources used to make steel, like minerals and fossil fuels, are not wasted because the steel can be used forever. Because of this Steel is the most recycled industrial material in the world!

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