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Father's Day Gift Guide


This year, Father's Day falls on Sunday the 19th of June. He may protest he needs ‘nothing’, but we’re sure that a gift from Pangaea Home will be both useful and thoughtful.

Here are five of our favourite Father’s Day gifts:

Is he in-touch with his primitive side? If so, a fire pit could be the perfect gift for him! Just don't forget the marshmallows so you can enjoy it too.

Silicone Ice Ball Moulds create glossy icy spheres, an ideal pairing for a bottle of his favourite Whisky, or No.1 Dad glass.

Reusable Bamboo Fibre Sponges remove oil and grime efficiently due to their short fibre structure: perfect for his car. Maybe you can offer your services as a car cleaner whilst you're there!

A new mug with a tea leaf infuser, a sandwich, and a packet of his favourite biscuits... and call it an afternoon tea!

Bamboo fibre bird feeders provide a great gift for any father that is either an avid 'twitcher', or a proud gardener!




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