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Re-potting Season

As the day become lighter and brighter, we can spot the change in season by the Crocus flowers and Snowdrops spring up in small flurries across our local parks and gardens, and our lovely houseplants staring to sprout new leaves!

With our range of indoor plant accessories, there is no time like the present to start repotting this year and give your houseplants the best start possible to their growing season.

We offer a range of recycled and sustainable pots, a beautiful range of amber glass mister bottles, and Jungle Feed, one of the most natural and sustainable plant food products available.

- 100% recycled plastic pots, each uniquely formed from recycled plastic (in a range of colours).

- Origami Potr plant pots (in a range of colours and sizes).

- Boston Amber Glass Mister bottles.

- Jungle Feed - a natural fertiliser which utilises insect waste to encourage houseplant growth.

happy potting!





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