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Thinking outside the box…

A lot of thought has gone into providing you with the safest, most cost effective, and sustainable way of getting your parcel to you, that hopefully looks good too!

Where Possible, anything we send you will be wrapped in sustainable packaging, within a sustainable and recycled cardboard box, that is all recyclable.

Sometimes there may be manufacturer packaging within the box that is not as eco-friendly as our own, and On some occasions, we may even send out our products in our suppliers boxes to reuse them and save on unnecessary waste. Please ensure to reuse or recycle all of our packaging to the best of your ability.

However, just because you can recycle it, does not mean you have to immediately. There are lots of fun and useful ways you can reuse and repurpose cardboard boxes, and we hope to see some Pangaea branded boxes being put to good use before they are recycled.

In case you need any inspiration, there are the obvious choices of building a fort, rocket, or car etc. all may require a creative touch, and more than one box.

There is also the option to donate your box to a friend. Whether that be someone moving house, or the furry kind who seem to have a weird obsession with empty boxes… (Don’t pretend like you haven’t seen those cat videos).

Or for the green-fingered folk, cardboard can be a fantastic natural weed suppressor for mulching in the garden. The Americans call it ‘lasagna gardening’; give it a Google to find out more. (It does not have anything to do with planting lasagne in the garden)


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